558 Counter-Encirclement

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Seeing that the competition had not even begun and there were already internal threats happening amongst themselves, Li Du said, "Stop arguing. Rose, be mindful of your words. Come over, Big Fox will devise the battle strategy."

Hans squatted next to the laser guns and chuckled as he said, "No hurry Li, let them finish their argument—"

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"F*ck you!"

Having been reprimanded, Hans became serious and said, "Okay, okay, I will devise our battle strategy. Akkalou, you go in front to attract the shots while Rose and I will take them on from the center. The rest of you split into two routes and surround them from both sides."

"There's only a few of us," Li Du said, "is there a need to split up? I suggest that all of us to stay together, and win by force rather than wits!"

Hans peered at him from the corner of his eye and said, "Are you the commander or am I the commander?"

Li Du sighed. "You are. Alright, we'll listen to you."

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