92 Couldn’t Stop Laughing

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In the end, Carl won the bid at 60,000 dollars.

He was confident that he had the most detailed information amongst the treasure hunters at the auction. He knew exactly which storage unit the Ferrari parts were at.

But he couldn't understand why Li Du and Hans seemed so self-assured as well.

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Earlier on, he had provoked the duo because he had planned to embarrass them with the Ferrari parts after he had successfully taken the unit. He thought that he was the only one with the insider information.

If he had known that the duo had the same piece of information as him, he definitely wouldn't have infuriated them and made them his enemy.

At the end of the day, it simply meant that he had looked down on and underestimated the duo.

Nevertheless, it was too late for regrets; there was no point crying over spilled milk. He smirked, "Young man, thank you for the information you shared on this storage unit."

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