1136 Corkwood

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From time to time, a cheer would be heard from a warehouse, which would make some

treasure hunters run over to see who managed to win what.

For treasure hunters, the auction was a harvest feast.

Of course, not every warehouse had valuable goods. Often, when people started

moving the things from a warehouse and classifying them, they would find out they had

lost rather than gained.

When Li Du opened a warehouse, treasure hunters from Flagstaff City gathered around

and asked, "What is in there?"

The warehouse was full of old tarpaulins, which Godzilla and Big Quinn tore open to

reveal some brown-yellow planks.

"A pile of boards," said Big Quinn.

Dickens wondered, "Boards? Big Li, is this Asian mahogany?"

"No, they aren't," said Li Du.

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"What's this?" someone else asked.

Li Du went over and patted the boards, inhaling their smell. He said with a smile, "If I am

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