279 Cooperative Battle

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Hans was the elite cannoneer. With the Italian cannon in his hands, he could use it as if it were his own limbs.

Andrew was dead-set on getting this unit. He was planning to obtain it with the force of sheer money, since he knew that not many people had brought as much cash as he had.

Most of them had just happened to hear that there was good stuff at this auction, but regarding what was exactly here, or how much value it had, only a handful knew.

Hans and the Playboy hadn’t managed to get that info either. Andrew did, as he had wide connections and contacts in central Arizona.

Thus, before coming to the auction, he had carefully prepared.

One of the most crucial parts of his preparation was that he had brought enough money.

Each time he bid he had raised the offer by an outrageous amount. Most people were scared away by it, but Hans would always follow closely.

"Eighty thousand dollars!" Andrew shouted.

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