988 Cooperation

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"Please forgive me for my rudeness, General. I have not shown my dark side so far

because I thought you respected me. Now, however, I see that I was wrong," said Li Du,

looking back at Remonin without any intention to retreat.

"I have always respected you. I hope to gain your friendship and become your business

partner. But what about you? You have been provoking me!" said Remonin.

Once again, he looked at the lion hunter, his eyes full of resentment.

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Apparently, he thought that the lion hunter was careless to have let Li Du in with the


The lion hunter was scared to death. He did not expect that Li Du would be so angry,

and most certainly did not expect him to use a grenade.

He had thought that Li Du was a very typical Chinese man, polite, gentlemanlike and a

little cowardly, which was what he had said about Li Du to Remonin.

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