674 Cooperating To Catch a Big Fish

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Catching red salmon was no easy task. Since they no longer ate after migrating to freshwaters from the ocean, they rarely took the bait. At this point, catching red salmon was mainly dependent on luck and was harder than fishing in the ocean.

Of course, there were red salmon in the river. As the Colorado River was the route red salmon took for their migration, there were a lot of them in it.

The water in some parts of the river was clear. When the red salmon swam to the water surface, they could be seen from the boat.

As the red salmon were brightly colored, they were very easy to identify.

Brother Wolf did not participate in the fishing and was looking after the two little girls at the side. Noticing that Hans and the others had not caught any fish after a long time, he said softly, "Use a harpoon."

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