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Good was a real lunatic. The idea that he gave Li Du was crazy as well. 

He brought Li Du to the training grounds. A cage stood there, and people were locked inside. There were white and black people, men and women, adults and children alike. Their clothes were messy and dirty, and they were clearly suffering from a mental breakdown. 

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Once they arrived at the training grounds, Good handed him a rifle and nodded towards the cage as he said, "Well then, now it's your turn to hunt."

Li Du grasped his meaning at once. This bastard wants me to kill these people! 

Good wanted to control him, to make him kill these innocent people, some of whom were possibly foreign citizens. Then he would be captured on camera while doing it, and these shots could later be used to blackmail him. 

If in the future, after he left and returned to America, he would decide to disobey Good's commands, he would be in trouble when this evidence was made public.

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