1217 Confused

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The plane finally landed at the provincial airport. Li Du did not need to call a cab this time, as he had someone to pick him up.

His old classmates, Yao Zhibo and Du Hang, were there. Yao Zhibo drove a minivan, while Du Hang had a business car from his company.

The news of Li Du's return was only announced to the group of his high school classmates. As soon as they knew, several people wanted to come to pick him up, but Li Du refused them. Finally, Yao Zhibo and Du Hang were too enthusiastic for him to turn down.

All this attention was unsurprising. Everybody wanted to be close to the rich, after all.

Li Du came with a lot of luggage, which all fit in Yao Zhibo's minivan. He had only bought this minivan recently, and the vehicle was well maintained, though it was not new.

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