570 Confrontation of The Experts

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"Mexican wolf!" Big Quinn groaned. "D*mn it, who told me that there are only about 500 Mexican wolves in the state of Arizona? Such a big state with less than 500 wolves and there's two right in front of me now?" 

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Li Du responded in a soft voice, "You're sure they're Mexican wolves?"

"Without a doubt," Big Quinn replied. "Regardless, we're lucky that they're Mexican wolves. If they were North American gray wolves, we'd be worse off."

The North American gray wolf was the largest in size, having the strongest bite force, the fastest speed, and the most violent explosiveness amongst canines. Even the Tibetan Mastiff, who was known as unbeaten against wolves, would be considered to have had learned martial arts if it could last three rounds in a fight with a North American gray wolf.

Godzilla, being an impulsive person, was not very afraid, and raised the gun. "If it dares come towards us, I'll open fire. If I miss, be prepared to snatch the gun."

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