1140 Commotion

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At that point, Li Du wanted to ascertain the true identity of those metal plates. Hence, he

used his time reversal ability to learn more.

The FBI's conjecture had been incorrect. Dan Cooper was not the Vietnam War veteran

that they had been looking for. He was actually a policeman!

Moreover, he had not hijacked the plane by himself. The captain and the flight attendant

who interacted with him on the plane were his accomplices. In fact, the flight attendant

had even been Cooper's lover.

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The policeman and captain found out about the gold transfer. Hence, they formulated a

plan together and carried it out successfully.

There had been another detail nobody had mentioned. The investigators had found a

cigarette stub. It had been proved to belong to Dan Cooper.

The cigarette stub had carried his saliva and could be used for a DNA test. However, in

the end, the investigators accidentally lost it.

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