608 Come With Me   

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Even though there were 145 storage units, Li Du was not interested in most of them. He was only interested in six of the storage units.

Despite that, it was not easy getting the units. Although he paid 4,000 dollars and managed to easily get storage unit number 22 as it looked run-down, the other storage units were not as easy.

The last two storage units that interested him he won by spending over 20,000 dollars.

It could not be helped. There were too many people watching him. It was not possible for everyone to be easily fooled, and it was not possible to scare everyone away from bidding against him. Outbidding them was the only way he could win the storage units.

By the time he locked up storage unit number 858, which was the last storage unit Li Du was interested in, he was very exhaust.

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As the weather was dull and there was no sun the entire day, there was even less light when night came.

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