181 Come In and See

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Everything went smoothly.

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Li Du went to the motel. First, he talked with the owner. After letting him see the message Lin Ping had sent, Li Du asked the owner to monitor him, then went to get the documents.

The owner was an easy person to talk to. After accompanying Li Du to take the documents, he also cursed at the Immigration authorities: "Those idiots, they only know how to waste taxpayers’ money!"

Then, he hailed a cab and rushed to Comanche Casino.

This casino was quite famous in Flagstaff. It was the only Native American casino. There were frequent customers, and many conflicts as well; it was not a good place.

From the name of the casino, Li Du could somewhat guess what kind of person the owner was.

War fanatics would probably know of the Comanche helicopter of the US Army. In fact, the name "Comanche" was the name of a Native American tribe.

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