129 Come Down

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The audience was stunned. Thompson, who before had a full-blown smile plastered on his face, was also dumbfounded.

Li Du raised up the ball and said, "I’m done, aren’t I?"

Sophie jumped and applauded like a small, excited child. "Yay, yay, yay! Nicely done, you’re awesome!"

Robert and the rest also applauded.

"Sh*t, that guy can’t be the Flash, can he?"

"Did anyone believe the video of him fighting n the Bones District was sped up? Li Du’s is that fast!"

"I’ll bet, when he ‘relieves’ himself, it must feel great since he has such quick hands!"

Thompson was fed up, and said, "Sorry, friend. The game hasn’t started yet."

Sophie exclaimed in rage when she heard that, "Dr. Thompson, you’re just being mean! Li, come back, I’ll wipe the dirt off your back for you!"

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Thompson said in a loud voice, "I’m not being mean—I’m the referee here, and the game only begins when the referee says that it has. I didn’t say that the game had begun just now, so it hasn’t started."

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