659 Cole Winston

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When Roger saw the fire opals, he called the owner Cole Winston immediately. Upon receiving the phone call and knowing of the matter, he decided to dash over at once.

As Li Du knew and the world had guessed, while Harry Winston Inc. was not in a good situation, Cole Winston was worse off.

Born with a silver spoon, this man had been swimming in luxury all his life. He was born almost at the peak of the jewelry industry, and when his grandfather Harry Winston was in his twilight years.

During the last century, the Harry Winston name had been legendary in the luxury goods industry.

In terms of the brand name, it was the world's most famous luxury jewelry brand.

This brand, which could make diamonds blossom, had been chosen as the favorite luxury jewelry brand among the elites in the United States. Celebrities in both the United States and the rest of America were especially fond of the brand.

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