193 Cold Spring Bath

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Checking out all forty-two houses in a day proved to be really exhausting for Li Du. Even though he had Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles helping him to survey the houses, he wanted to play it safe by releasing the little bug to go through drawers and cabinets as well.

After basking in the sun for hours, Li Du was drained of his energy. His vision was blurry, and he wondered if he was having a heat stroke.

Hans looked at Li Du helplessly, shaking his head. "Look at you. Sometimes you are bursting with energy like a pitbull. Now? You look lethargic, like a Chihuahua that just got done mating."

"F*ck you!" Li Du felt like vomiting up blood upon hearing that.

Auctions of old houses were less lucrative than storage unit auctions; there were too few valuable items in the house. Most house owners would have taken all their valuables with them, leaving behind some unwanted items and trash.

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