904 Cold City

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The exchange was a win-win for both of them, as Bryant bought fine black opals and could have a custom-designed set of jewelry made for his wife. Li Du made money and got information about a storage unit auction.

When the results came out, the gems were natural black opals with high ratings.

Bryant bought six for a total of $1.2 million, which was expensive but well below market value. The six black opals were about 200 carats in total, as all of them were large. Of course, the bigger a black opal was, the more expensive it was.

Li Du also helped him to contact Harry Winston's top jewelry designer. The following issue had nothing to do with him. Bryant and the designer could communicate personally.

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After taking the helicopter, Hans had not returned, so Li Du went online to check the information Bryant had given him about the storage unit auction. The information was easy to find. The storage company was called Indiana Pacers Storage Company.

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