250 Coke Culture

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After appraising their first vending machine, Hans and Li Du loaded the machine to the Iron Knight.

At the same time, Godzilla was moving the second vending machine over for their appraisal.

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Chink! Chink! sounds were heard coming from the machine as Godzilla moved it. Hans immediately concluded that it was the sound of glass bottles inside the machine.

"There’s still Coke inside?" he asked, surprised. "A pity there’s no power point in the unit, or we could power it and drink them in an hour."

Godzilla moved the machine in a more cautious manner. Hans had wanted to remove the Coke bottles to prevent them from breaking, but they had no keys to the machine.

Godzilla rubbed his hands and said, "I can break it open."

Hans shook his head rapidly. "F*ck, this machine is an original—if broken, the value will drop sharply!"

"How about dismantling it?" Li Du handed Hans the wrench.

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