297 Coincidences Do Happen

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They dug up some wild vegetables along the way. It would be a waste not to make a stew.

There were no factories near the national park. The lake water was clean and could be drunk directly. Li Du went to wash the vegetables; Godzilla and Big Quinn each butchered a goat; Hans started the fire.

They immediately drained the blood from and skinned the goats. The organs, heads, and claws were buried in the soil.

Godzilla diced the goat meat and added it to the pot. Big Quinn sliced the meat of his goat instead, so it could be cooked on the grill.

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Ah Meow dug into the backpacks to look for some fish snacks. Li Du caught it, and dragged it out, along with giving the ocelot two slaps to the butt. This soured its mood.

Near them was a family of four out for a picnic. Seeing Ah Meow lying unhappily in the grass, a young girl brought a piece of fried fish over to it.

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