447 Coffins That Bring Prosperity

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Li Du, Hans and the old man bowed and hugged each other. Then, they went straight to the point and talked about business.

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The old man was smarter than the big guy. He grabbed the hunting guns and checked them one by one. He found flaws on each hunting gun.

He obviously wanted to bargain.

Hans's forte in bargaining came in handy. He started to argue with the old man, using different strategies and reasonings. He seemed very confident.

They knew what to expect because the big guy had told them before: they could trade one hunting gun for ten of the hunting knives.

So, Hans insisted that this was the bottom line. No matter how smart the old man was, he couldn't change anything about it.

On the contrary, after they argued and debated, the bottom line was raised instead.

During the negotiation, they used one shotgun as a unit. Hans's bottom line was to trade one shotgun for ten ordinary hunting knives or four sets of double knives.

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