822 Close Cooperation

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After a firm handshake between the two of them, Li Du brought Cole to the hotel.

Knowing the purpose of Cole's trip, Li Du got straight to the point. When they reached the hotel, Li Du nodded at Godzilla for him to open up a large container, which he brought everywhere he went, and reveal the pile of sparkling gemstones inside.

"This is a blessing from God!" Cole opened both his arms and exclaimed.

Li Du said, "The number of gemstones here is still too little. I didn't expect you to come personally. If I had known, I would have thought of a way to harvest more gemstones."

Cole grabbed his hand and said, "No no, the gemstones here are sufficient. Also, of course, I will come over personally. My good friend, you are a superstar in our company!"

As Li Du owned close to ten percent of Harry Winston's shares, he was considered a large shareholder and was truly worthy of having Cole visit him personally.

"Appraise them. So long as the price offered is not too far off, the company can have all of them," Li Du said generously.

Cole had brought along two black opal appraisal experts. Personal matters were personal matters, and business was business. This was the principle that American businessmen had. As such, even if the gemstones were traded within the company, Cole still had to take the transaction seriously.

While the experts were appraising the gemstones and setting their prices, Li Du and Cole went to another room to chit-chat.

Cole said, "I was a little late this time around. Truth be told, when I received Mrs. Li's call, I was ready to come over."

"Mrs. Li?" Li Du laughed. Although Sophie, who was serving both of them coffee, also laughed, she calmly accepted the title.

Cole replied, "Yeah, isn't Sophie your wife?"

Li Du nodded. "Yes yes, she's my future wife. Since she will definitely become my wife, that title is very fitting."

While handing the coffee to him, Sophie whispered, "We aren't engaged."

Li Du whispered back, "Anytime!"

Li Du's words were considered a promise. Sophie did not say anything else and only pursed her lips and chuckled.

Seeing the slight interactions between the two of them, Cole purposefully pointed towards the outside of the door, gave an understanding look, and asked, "Do you guys need me to go outside?"

Li Du smiled. "No, of course not. Continue your story."

Cole said, "Originally, I would have arrived a few days earlier. However, there were some urgent matters in the company. It so happens that the company is preparing to set up an autumn luxury products showcase at the end of May."

Li Du responded, "You arrival was prompt. Anyway, the company is setting up a showcase in Australia?"

Just like how top auction houses organized large auctions in the spring and autumn, luxury goods companies would also organize jewelry showcases in the spring and autumn.

Cole replied, "Yes, an autumn luxury goods showcase this year. It will be organized by our company. For the past few days, I have been busy inviting various luxury goods companies to participate."

Needless to say, the luxury goods showcase this time around would feature the line of fire opal jewelry.

In addition, having obtained another batch of black opals, Cole was making preparations to add in another segment for the showcase. The black opals would also be made into jewelry sets to be sold.

After being informed of Cole's plans, Li Du nodded and said, "If these gemstones are not enough, I can continue searching for more in Lightning Ridge. I will definitely be able to provide quite a number of black opals to the company."

Cole was elated. "Are you confident you'll be able to find more?"

Li Du replied, "Yes, I am very confident."

Lightning Ridge definitely still had quite a number of black opals. So long as he searched for them patiently, he would surely be able to find other gemstone veins, and all he had to do afterward was to purchase the mine and dig.

Cole patted Li Du on his shoulder and said, "If that's the case, great. Truth be told, I have an idea. I realized that when it comes to finding gemstones, you possess an extraordinary ability."

Li Du responded, "Are you curious about my ability?"

Cole laughed loudly. "Of course I'm curious. However, as this is a private matter of yours, I won't intrude into it. I completely understand that we can only continue working together if we respect each other."

Li Du was very satisfied with his answer. This handsome president is an intelligent man.

Subsequently, Cole added, "My idea is, do you want to search for other types of gemstones in the future? Diamond, jade, ruby, turquoise, and sapphire. If you were to search for and find these gemstones, what do you think about selling them to the company?"

Li Du smiled. "That is a great idea."

Cole said, "As the company has always been in the gemstone business, we have some knowledge about the location of the gemstone-rich areas in the world. If you are willing to do the aforementioned, the company will definitely provide you with a lot of help."

Li Du was touched. Harry Winston definitely possessed information on some of the world's gemstone-rich areas. If he were to obtain the information, half of his work would be completed when searching for gemstones in the future.

Li Du asked, "Regarding black opals, what information does the company have?"

Cole replied, "If you are interested, I will arrange for someone to encrypt the information and send it to your email."

Li Du nodded. "Sure, I am willing to do the aforementioned. However, I also have a request."

"Please go on."

"Since I am selling the gemstones to the company, I am ok with selling them at a price that is lower than the market price. However, I do not want cash, I want the company's shares. I want to obtain more shares."

Li Du did not want to be a knife, he wanted to be the person holding the knife.

With the help of the little bug, he was very confident in being able to find gemstones, as long as he could get to the location of the gemstone-rich areas.

The gemstones that Harry Winston purchased from Li Du were in their original states. When in their original states, gemstones were worth the least amount of money and hence, profits were the lowest.

As long as he continued to acquire more and more of Harry Winston's shares, his bonus would increase. It was only when the gemstones were ultimately made into jewelry that he would be able to obtain the most profit.

Cole expected Li Du to make such a suggestion. Despite that, he became gloomy and said, "We cannot buy the gemstones at a price that is lower than the market price. Instead, we will buy them at a higher price, how's that?"

Li Du shook his head and persisted. "I want the company's shares, only then am I willing to work for the company. Otherwise, if I have the ability to continuously find various types of gemstones, why wouldn't I set up my own company instead?"

Cole looked contemplative and said, "You have to let me think about this Li. This is a huge matter."

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If Li Du could get Cole's help, he would be able to keep acquiring the company's shares. Even though Cole owned 41% of the company's shares, a decisive majority, what about in the future? In the future, if the amount of shares that Li Du possessed was the same or even greater than Cole's, would Harry Winston still be his home?

Sophie opened her mouth at the right moment and said, "Mr. Winston, according to what I know, the total amount of shares owned by the both of you guys is less than half of the company's total shares, right?"


"In that case, why don't both of you work together? Work together to acquire the shares that are scattered outside."

Cole had already thought of such an idea. Cole put the difficulty of execution aside first and thought about what the idea entailed. He could, very likely, be raising a tiger that would bring him harm. After helping Li Du become such a shareholder, Li Du would have the power to make Cole call him "boss."

Knowing why Cole was hesitant, Li Du said, "My friend, it has been quite some time since I acquired the 8.8 percent of shares. Despite that, have I ordered the company around?"

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