380 Clearing Some Collections

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Sophie had to go back to work, so Li Du brought Ah Ow outside.

There was a large grass patch on the hospital grounds. Many people were recuperating there. He brought the puppy to the grass. Feeling the sun and wind, it was like an adrenaline shot for her and she became very spirited.

Li Du realized he had underestimated Ah Ow with her short legs and because she sometimes stumbled when she ran—she looked quite magnificent when she was running on the grass.

Still, she was too little. The grass was uneven and had several holes. She completely fell into one while running.

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She was young, small, and weak. Ah Ow couldn’t climb out after falling into the hole. She could only lay there and cry until Li Du got her.

In the afternoon, Li Du invited Sophie out for a meal.

There was a musical-themed restaurant in Flagstaff. It was a high-end restaurant, with all of the rooms private with different genres of music playing in each of them.

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