210 City of Angels

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When it came to the prices, negotiations collapsed immediately.

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Hans wanted to sell them as a whole. The earliest disc could be traced back to 1991. That was a time when "Blizzard Entertainment" didn’t exist yet, and the company was still called "Silicon & Synapse."

The older the discs dated back, the higher their collection value.

He hoped to sell this set for 20,000 dollars. Now, just an early, original copy of "Rock & Roll Racing" was valued at 1,000 dollars. "The Lost Vikings" would also sell for that price.

The shop owner didn’t want to accept the whole set, as he felt that there was no market for these in Flagstaff.

There were many wealthy people in Flagstaff, but they tended to be here on vacation only. Their children didn’t go to school here, and those who liked to collect these discs were the young generations.

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