212 Checking the Units

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"‘Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal,’ released in 1996, collector’s edition. I can’t believe we have a copy. Actually, during my childhood, I had a copy, but I didn’t take care of it and threw it away.

"‘Warcraft II’ was awarded the ‘Best Multiplayer Game of The Year’ by PC-Game, and ‘Best Online Game of The Year’ by CNET. Blizzard Entertainment started being successful from there…

"Look, behind the packaging, there’s a preview of an upcoming game. That would be ‘StarCraft,’ which would become a future hit. Oh, and there’s also a part promoting ‘Diablo’—but why is it so small?

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"Seems like Blizzard Entertainment didn’t have high expectations for ‘Diablo.’ However, it turned out to be a dark horse. Eighteen days after it launched, it had sold one million copies."

When it came to these games, Potter was not shy anymore. He spoke with confidence, and was knowledgeable on every disc.

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