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As the few classmates kept wanting to see the Patek Philippe watch, Li Du took off his watch and handed it over to Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji smiled while nodding his head at him and said, "Actually, I'm also not very familiar with this watch. If I misjudge anything later, please be more understanding."

Li Du smiled. "It's just a watch, there is no right or wrong judgment."

Zhou Ji raised the watch and flipped it over before looking at it. After studying it for a while, he frowned.

Du Hang asked, "Teacher Zhou, is there any problem with the watch?"

Zhou Ji shook his head and said nothing. After taking out his cellphone to look up some information, he asked, "Is it okay if I take a picture? I will send it to an elder for him to take a look. Truth be told, I am a little uncertain about this watch."

Li Du nodded. "Anything."

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"Uncertain if it's genuine or fake?" Du Hang asked out of concern. "Du Zi, were you scammed?"

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