324 Charity Auction

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Li Du turned to look at the young man. Isn’t this Marate? he thought.

They had met at the truck dealership. They had even made a bet, but Marate had lost the challenge and ran away without fulfilling the terms of the bet.

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Marate noticed Li but acted as if he had not seen him. His eyes were fixed on Sophie.

Sophie put on a courteous smile but her voice sounded distant. "It’s good to see you here, but are you actually glad about it? I can’t see any happiness from your eyes."

Marate was embarrassed. "Why wouldn’t I be happy about it? I’m happy to see you every single time..." he fumbled to find the correct words. "I also don’t know why, maybe God—"

"Don’t, Marate. Don’t use God to cover for your lies. That’s not right. I hope you can respect my faith." Sophie instantly changed her attitude when she heard Marate mention God.

That certainly made Marate even more ashamed. But he still refused to leave.

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