969 Changing Teams

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Cheeks told Li Du a lot of traditions related to the Hadza. He said that there were no written notes of their tribe's history; it all depended on word of mouth.

But they were not lonely at all in the vast grassland. There were the Iraqw, Datooga, Isanzu, Sukuma, Nyiramba, Maasai and other tribes. They had long communicated with many other tribes and lived together.

Each ethnic group had their own language. They all had a common second language, and that was Swahili, and it made communication possible.

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Each tribe also had their own territories. The Hadza people exchanged prey for metal arrowheads forged by the Datooga people, who exchanged animal skins with the Isanzu people for tents, who exchanged further goods, including women, with the Sukuma tribe.

Polygamy was highly common in many places of Africa. The Hadza people more closely resembled modern society in this regard because most of the people in their tribe were monogamous.

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