766 Changing Location

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Among the people on the two boats, Ralph was the most cautious.

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Although Ralph looked interested after hearing Chris's words, he very quickly composed himself and said, "As we all know, no one is allowed to enter the conservation area. If we entered, we would also be in trouble."

Chris waved his hand in a carefree manner. "No, we won't get into trouble. At worst, we would encounter people from the Department of Fishing and Hunting. If that happens, we'll just bring up the Chinese fella and use him as a shield. We would also be standing up for what's right!"

"Yeah, that's the plan," the woman driving the boat agreed.

Ralph said, "What I meant was that the Chinese fella and his group don't look like idiots. Why would they enter the conservation area to harvest black gold abalone? Doing so is illegal—"

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