137 Chance Encounter

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Li Du, who was cleaning the antelope specimen, heard faint shouts and cursing. He looked out curiously, and said, "Seems like someone is in a fight."

Hans was busy looking through the box that Godzilla had moved out, and casually said, "Ignore them—is fighting not uncommon?"

After saying that, he used an army knife to slit open a box, then crash!, two crocodile heads had been stacked together dropped.

These two crocodile heads had been very exquisitely made into specimens. Their skin was well-kept, their eyes big and lively, and the teeth sharp. They looked very lifelike.

When crocodile head specimens appeared, Hans was thrilled instantly. He grabbed one of the crocodile heads and shouted, "Hey, buddies, come and take a look. Look at what I discovered!"

"Wow, did you manage to hunt down a crocodile?" Li Du said playfully.

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