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Li Du stood there stunned as he stared at Ah Ow—was she really a wolf?

Sophie had actually suspected this because Ah Ow never wagged her tail. Even though her tail wasn't big or thick, she only ever rested it below her bottom.

Also, once she was angry, her gaze became very scary.

When she was very young, she would only let out whimpers—this was okay, as most dogs sounded like that before they were two months old.

However, Ah Ow should have now been able to bark, but she still whimpered and had even started to howl—a noise that was extremely similar to a wolf.

As she was stared at by Li Du, Ah Ow's little ears shuddered as though she had detected something was not right; she became despondent and her gaze wasn't as lively as before.

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Sophie noticed and immediately carried her away. "How could Ah Ow be a wolf?" she asked. "Czech Wolfdogs are like this. When they are young, they have the characteristics of a wolf."

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