692 Catching Rats From The Air

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Evidently, the tool was not heavy at all in the hands of Godzilla and Big Quinn, who seemed much more relaxed than Li Du and Hans.

However, there was no need to use manual labor when a cow could be used.

Li Du beckoned, "Godzilla, stop work first. Come over."

After glancing at Li Du, Godzilla looked at the cow on the side and gave an anticipatory smile. "Boss, killing the cow and eating beef in the afternoon?"

Li Du was speechless.

When Mr. Li was preparing to drive the cow onto the field to do work, Godzilla understood what Li Du meant and shook his head. "No need. Kill and eat this cow. Let us handle the work."

However, as Mr. Li did not understand what Godzilla meant, he looked at his son. "What did he mean?"

Li Du laughed bitterly. "You guys don't concern yourselves with it. Go back and prepare lunch. There's a place in the county town that sells beef, right?"

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