1066 Car Race

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Li Du said impatiently, "We don't doubt your sincerity, but we have our own car, we do

not need yours!"

Hans stopped to think for a while before he offered a solution. "This car is worth three

hundred thousand, you say? We will test the car, and if there are no problems, perhaps

we can seal this deal."

Jefferson said, "Feel free to test the car!"

Brother Wolf was an expert in this area, so he picked up the keys and started the car.

Li Du reconsidered this. If the car was really worth that much, then it would be fine to

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accept the deal. It was almost guaranteed they could sell it off. It would be the same as

receiving cash.

After Brother Wolf tested the car, Hans, went to take it for a test drive as well.

Li Du and Jefferson were left alone, and Li Du could not help but ask, "You haven't even

driven two thousand kilometers in this car. Aren't you sorry to part with it?"

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