138 Camping in the Canyons

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Hearing what Tina said, the people around the Mustang laughed. Someone whistled at the blonde-haired teen, "Jason, you’re finished!"

The blonde teen looked at Tina playfully, and said, "I like you, girl, you’re a fine Mustang."

"Your mom’s a Mustang, too," Tina coldly replied. She pulled open the F-150 car door and threw her bag in. She then got into the front seat.

Mr. Li was troubled. "Pretty lady, did I ask you to get in my car?"

The other girls followed Tina and went into the car. Mr. Li was even more perplexed. "My—my car can’t fit so many people."

"It’s ok, they just squeeze," Tina laughed.

One of the girls asked playfully, "Can the shotgun seat fit two people?"

Li Du smiled bitterly and said, "I’m afraid the police don’t allow that."

"Of course—if they did, then Tina would be sitting on your lap. Look, her hips are already moving," Ilfen said.

Tina smiled and said, "Then how about I sit on your lap? So that you can feel the charm of my hips."

"Forget it, I guess."

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