582 Calling The Police

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Alicia caught on, and with astonishment, she said, "Unbelievable! That's a fake! That isn't a genuine boulder opal!"

After hearing the conversation between the three, surrounding gem hunters rushed over.

"What's going on?"

"What's fake?"

"These opals are fake?"

Someone picked up the shattered gemstone from the ground and raised it to the sunlight. He proceeded to use a magnifying glass to take a look at the gemstone before promptly saying, "Indeed it's fake. These are fake opals!"

Another person snatched the rock layer from Li Du's hand and used a lighter to burn the layer of glue for a while. Suddenly, an acrid, chemical, rubber smell emerged.

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"F*ck!" Li Du raved with a pale face.

Despite that, there were still some slow-witted people who had not figured out what the problem was. "What exactly is going on here?"

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