218 C’mon, Show Some Sincerity

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York saw that a growing number of treasure hunters were surrounding them and shook his head. "Kid, you’re really a brave fool. You’ll be in trouble after the auction."

He had wanted to leave with Robinson but Li Du stopped him and said, "Hey, your guy scolded me just now. He’s gotta apologize."

Having been stopped twice, York was angered. He poked Li Du’s chest and said, "I was wrong to call you a fool—you are a reckless b*stard!"

Uphased, Li Du said, "Many people have said that, but I’m still alive and well. Let him apologize."

Frank hollered from the side, "York, when did you become a sissy? Get this son of a b*tch, and squash this d*mn Chinese softie!"

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York sneered, "Robinson, apologize."

Robinson grunted and walked up stiffly. "Sorry monkey. No, I mean, I shouldn’t have called you a monkey…"

A burst of laughter could be heard from the crowd; Robinson also laughed viciously.

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