667 By All Means

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The two bullies were quivering in fear, shrinking toward the back of their seats forcefully, and dying to get back into the carriage.

Ah Ow sensed their fear toward her and howled even harder as she stared at them with her gaping mouth, as though she were forcing her tonsils to pop out. 

Tomasson lost his grip. "This . . . Harry, Reiss. Don't be afraid . . . Oh my God, oh God!"

"Sorry buddy, I'll call this little mutt back right now," cried Li Du. "Ah Ow, come back to me! Come back!"

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It was a rare chance for Ah Ow to show her prowess and she was so caught up in howling at the two ferocious dogs that she didn't listen to Li Du at all.

Mr. Li flew into a rage. He released Ah Meow and shouted, "Ah Meow, drag her back to me!"

Ah Ow had grown up and now weighed forty pounds. She was also big and tall. In comparison, Ah Meow, who had once bullied her, was now barely half her size.

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