595 Buying Equity

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Large organizations do things in a rigorous manner. There are standards for everything. This way, things get done more quickly.

Li Du had decided to sell the gems, so Roger took him and the gems to the top floor where there was a gemstone appraisal center.

Upon entering the center filled with equipment and staff, Roger proclaimed with pride, "This is one of the four major gemstone appraisal centers in North America. All of the precious stones in the world can be appraised here for their grade and authenticity as well as color."

The 58 pieces of fire opal were sent out and within an hour or so, 58 sets of reports had been printed and delivered to them. The documents were affixed with red seals and signatures by those responsible for the appraisal.

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Li Du took a look at a page of the report. Indicated on it was each opal's color-changing pattern, number of colors, transparency, brightness, thickness of the colored layers and condition of defects.

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