399 Butchering Swines

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The cabin was starting to liven up.

Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, one on the tree and one under the tree, were waiting patiently for a meal. There was one pike grilling; it had been caught by them and would be eaten by them too.

When the pickup truck returned to the site, they were shocked by the big Black Pig on it.

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The Black Pig had been oinking loudly on the way here—when it was finally taken down from the truck, it ran into Hans, who was caught off guard. By instinct, it knew that the surrounding area would not be friendly to it, so it started running towards the woods around the site.

Hans shouted, "F*ck it! How dare it bump me! Everyone, go catch it now!"

"Hey Boss, that was a male pig, you sure you wanna f*ck it?" said Turis.

"Stop talking nonsense, go catch it!"

The Black Pig was still running quickly despite its big size; it ran around so fast that no one could catch it.

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