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Li Du was receiving the treatment of an important foreign guest in the territory of this young warlord.

Brother Wolf and Godzilla were by his side at the troop review ceremony. They stood like the golden bodyguards of the protected leaders, as if everything was normal.

Li Du was completely aware that he had no authority or power here.

However, as he stood in front of the troop review, hearing the music played by the troops' band, looking at a black general with a medal, he felt a surge of pride and emotion. He suddenly realized why men craved power.

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He had become this emotional as the respected guest of a foreign diplomat. How would he feel as the leader of a great country?

There were very few troops at the ceremony—only about fifty or sixty people in total. The ceremony ended very quickly. After Remonin saluted, they left the mountain top.

Lion Hunter quietly asked, "Isn't it shocking?"

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