225 Business Iceberg

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Forty-five storage units; two days; 26 hours. Finally, all the units had been sold.

The two consecutive auctions had gone until 10 p.m. each night. This was the toughest auction that Li Du had participated in; he was almost left with no strength!

Of course, it was not that he was physically weak and lacking in fitness. The main cause was due to using the bug for extended periods of time, coupled with the unfamiliar humid weather and the battle of wits against Frank’s team. All of that combined led to his mental exhaustion.

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The good thing was that the auction had ended, and there were plenty of treasure hunters who looked like they were in the same state, so the others didn’t notice his exhaustion.

Seeing the treasure hunters sighing as they left, Hans boasted, "Everyone’s stamina is much weaker nowadays. When I first entered the business, in Alaska, I participated in a storage auction for military products. Now that would really take the life out of you!"

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