510 Burning With Anger

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There was a fairly high chance of finding good stuff in the storage units in a city like Tucson—it had a vibrant manufacturing industry.

With a storage company in Tucson announcing its bankruptcy, the number of storage units put on auction would definitely be greater than most auctions. Therefore, many people should find it appealing and participate in the auction.

Li Du had not informed the treasure hunters from Flagstaff due to this reason. Such an opportunity was hard to come by and this news was easily accessible; the treasure hunters would flock to this city without a reminder.

Nevertheless, fewer people than expected had attended the auction. Olly and the rest of the treasure hunters had probably seen the news, yet they hadn't originally chosen to attend, which had baffled Li Du.

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When Li inquired about the weird phenomenon from Hans, he simply said, "You'll know the reason very soon." That was all he would say.

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