1185 Bullying

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The conclusion of the discussion was that there was no problem. Su Nan's priority was to earn money to provide for his family. To him, there was no difference between going to Australia or staying in America.

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"In America, it's just that I'm more familiar with Philly. However, I don't have the so-called connections or foundations for networking. The school tutor cannot give me much help, and there are only a few research students. The only reason why I want to stay here is to earn a higher salary."

Su Nan was most concerned about whether the position was reliable. He felt that the terms were most reasonable and it was impossible for the job to still be available.

Li Du pounded on his chest and swore, "I'm your friend, and I have exceptionally useful connections. Don't worry, if there's a problem with the position, I'll take care of it. Otherwise, I won't have the face to stay connected with our network of classmates."

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