668 Brother Wolf’s Past

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The treasure hunters were very surprised by Li Du's decision to change profession.

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Besides feeling surprised, the treasure hunters also felt sorry. Turis was disappointed. "Li, aren't you doing very well in the storage auction market? Why do you want to leave?"

"Yeah, who will lead us after you leave?"

"The treasure hunters in Flagstaff follow your lead. Maybe, we could follow you to the old goods trading market?"

Blacktooth Robbie, as well as the other old goods treasure hunters, suddenly became angry. "Guys, don't. We have always minded our own business. Are you guys sure you all want to compete with us?"

As the market was only so big, one more person entering meant one less opportunity to earn. Once all the treasure hunters in storage unit auctions entered the market, the old goods treasure hunters might not be able to earn a living.

Li Du waved his hand. "Hey, hey, guys quiet down a little. Listen to me say a couple of words."

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