180 Brother Li, Help!

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"Seems like business is good," Li Du said.

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"Of course. Hoffman owns Flagstaff’s only large-scale old goods market. Its well-known all over Arizona."

Li Du pointed to the Bridal Boutique and said, "I’m referring to that—there’s a lot of people buying second-hand wedding dresses."

"Of course, why not? Wedding dresses are so expensive, and these things aren’t necessities, so why not just get a second-hand one? It's still beautiful, and cheap to boot."

Li Du explained, "What I mean is, they can just rent wedding dresses—wouldn’t that be cheaper?"

Hans shook his head and said, "Not really. Also, if they can buy it, why rent it? Isn’t it much better to buy one for themselves?"

"You already said that wedding dresses aren’t necessities. Besides on wedding days, these things are useless."

Hans scoffed. "You amateur, how would it be useless after? Don’t you know how sexy a woman is in a wedding dress? Think about it: a woman wearing a white wedding dress lying on the bed, pure and—"

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