387 Brother Haonan

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The full name of Sheraton Resort was "Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass." The wild horses from this area, like the bison which had once populated North America, had been virtually wiped out by American hunters.

Li was unwilling to wait in front of the resort. It belonged to Native Americans: the well-known Gila River Indian Community. The luxury resort was known for offering the healing and intellectual practices of Native Americans.

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The Gila River tribe and the Comanche tribe were allies, and he had had a run-in with Comanche Casino previously. This is why he felt hesitant about waiting outside.

Hans had wanted to go in for a look. He said excitedly, "Buddy, you should go in too. There’s comfortable rooms and spacious golf courses, as well as equestrian centers and spa facilities. It’s a great place for a vacation."

"Did we come here with a bunch of mahogany for a vacation? Are you kidding me?"

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