316 Bring It On!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The dark cannon muzzle was pointed toward the sky at an oblique angle. The black, thick, stout barrel glimmered under the sunlight. At this moment, it did not have the humbleness of its short and stubby exterior but looked brutal and fierce.

When Li Du shouted "grab your weapons," Godzilla didn’t think much and just pushed the trench mortar out from the storage unit!

Big Quinn did not think much either; he ran out with the bayonet still in his hand.

The blade of the bayonet reflected the rays of the sun: white, cold, dazzling!

The group of eager Eastern European young men opposite Li Du was dumbfounded. A small number of them were pulling out baseball bats and metal pipes from the van; they were all blown away by the sight of the cannon.

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