931 Boxing Combinations

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An hour drive after leaving Little Rock, they were not far from Crater of Diamonds State Park.

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Li Du and his group did not once feel bored during the journey. Stalls of the countryside would appear from time to time. Besides that, the driver would continuously tell them about Little Rock and he also invited them over for a visit.

Of course, if they wanted a sightseeing tour in Little Rock, the driver hoped that Li Du and his group would contact him.

There was nothing special in Arkansas. It consisted of traditional rural areas. Even the name of the capital, Little Rock, reflected this. The city also seemed like it was going to be very conservative.

This was not the case. Little Rock was known as a young and ambitious city. It was not at all conservative—it was so liberal that it was extreme at times. For instance, people here were very supportive of homosexuality.

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