675 Boundless Forest Surging Waters

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As long as there were fish, then the cooperation between Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles would continue to bring about a good harvest.

Crispy Noodles was adept at using his tail as a masquerade for a worm or a waterweed to attract the fish to come closer, while Ah Meow was both fast and accurate. As long as the fish approached the surface of the water, it was doomed.

They happened to be located just above the swarms of fish. Li Du continued to throw bait into the water to attract the salmon to swim up, while Crispy Noodles swung his tail to attract the salmon, then Ah Meow would strike.

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With each of them in their respective roles, their combined forces earned them a total of five red salmon.

Hans raised his fishing rod as he looked on enviously. With a tinge of jealousy, he said, "D*mn, so many fish. Why are none over here at my side?"

Li Du shrugged. "You better reflect on it—fancy losing out to an ocelot and a raccoon. What use are you then?"

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