561 Bottleneck

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After the auction had ended, Dickens and Lu Guan brought some men by to tidy up the two storage units.

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The main storage unit to be tidied was the second one. In it were 30 to 40 boxes of books. Godzilla and Big Quinn worked hard tidying up the storage unit.

Charles Chalmers came over and took a look. After having seen nothing unusual, he walked over to the door of the first storage unit and sneered, "Guys, did anyone realize the items inside are not a complete set?"

Dickens gave a surprised look and replied, "Oh? Not that I know of."

Li Du leaned against the door. He did not mind what was in the storage unit. As a matter of fact, everything was arranged by him.

From the beginning, Lu Guan, accompanied by Dickens, was instructed by Li Du to enquire about the furniture in the storage unit. Even the treasure hunters who were rushed over and the auction bids today were all single-handedly arranged by him. 

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