942 Boom Boom Boom

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Li Du waited for Wang Zhongshi in the VIP reception room of the airport. The graceful flight attendant brought them coffee and served them.

After he got the coffee, a shrill voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing this, Brother Wolf, who was standing behind Li Du, suddenly pulled him forward and cried, "Quick, all fall down!"

Just as he said this, there was a loud bang. Bang…Doom!

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The VIP reception room shook. Windows cracked and shattered all over the floor.

Brother Wolf pulled Li Du with one hand and Sophie with the other, and said in a harsh voice, "Rocket bomb! Get out of here! Quick quick quick quick!"

Li Du was stunned. "Damn, what happened?" he cried.

"Armed attack!" Brother Wolf said curtly. He was unarmed, and the best he could do was take a fruit knife from the table and run out among a throng of people, clenching the knife with his teeth.

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