1045 Bloodbath

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Li Du's mad attitude at bidding, together with what Conrad had said combined to prove only one thing, which was that they all acknowledged the situation regarding this warehouse.

This made the treasure hunters very anxious and someone could not help but ask, "Hey, man, what's in there? What have you got?"

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"Yes, let us know too."

 "We will not bid against you. We could never afford that. But spill the beans and we'll see."

Li Du did not say a word, and Conrad sneered: "Inside there's a pile of dung, but some people think of it as gold. Fifty thousand dollars to buy a pile of dog poop. Hah hah hah hah, you wait, he will soon regret it!"

Regardless of this, White Gloves was unbothered. He pointed cheerfully at Li Du and said, "Is there a higher bid than fifty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars?"

"Fifty thousand dollars going once, going twice, sold!"

Li Du waved his hand, and Godzilla had the warehouse locked.

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